Success Stories

It’s just an honor to see how far God has brought me, it’s what I’ve been working for. I’ve worked for my sobriety but I’ve worked to be a mother and it was just a completion of what God’s done in our lives.
Freedom House has not just changed my life they have given me a new one.

I grew up with a lot of chaotic behavior in my family.  Even at a very young age, I recognized that there were a lot of problems in my family. My mother and father suffered with many addictions and mental illnesses, so my grandparents had to play a big part in raising me. I found… Click for Full Story

I am able to welcome the morning and thank God for another day to live in sobriety and freedom.

Before coming to Freedom House I dreaded seeing the sun stream through my bedroom window. Hopelessness was literally choking the life out of me daily. My addiction to prescription pills had become such a beast that I found functioning without medication impossible. Consequently, maintaining a job, household, and motherhood quickly became unmanageable. I had become… Click for Full Story

The great love I found at Freedom House, the incredible structure and treatment, and the opportunity to build a relationship with the Lord changed my life forever.

I had an abusive father and medical issues as a child that caused me to have no self-esteem. I grew up in church and thought I knew the Lord but really all I knew was religion, which was a bunch of rules and no real relationship with the Lord. When I was 17, I met… Click for Full Story

For the first time in my life my children and I are happy and have hope for a future.

Before I came to Freedom House I was living in a world of despair.  I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol when I was 13.  When I was 25 I discovered Oxycontin, a highly addictive, powerful opiate.  I fell in love with this medication that provided a means of escape. My tolerance level soon escalated… Click for Full Story