Ann Thomsson

In 2005, Ann Thomsson began dreaming of a place where mothers struggling with addiction could receive holistic treatment in a Christ-centered, family environment.

At a very young age, God began planting the seeds for Freedom House through Ann Thomsson’s family involvement with foster care. After college, Ann began working with troubled families and became a Substance Abuse Counselor.

As Ann’s career progressed, she recognized the challenges and obstacles single mothers faced in their desire to recover from addiction. The mothers she worked with needed long-term treatment but this meant they would have to leave their children in someone else’s care for an extended time because there are few programs for mothers and children.

In 2005, God assured her if she would step out in faith, he would lead her in the creation of a ministry with the mission of providing a long-term, addiction-recovery program that rescues, restores, and redeems the lives of women and their children in a Christ-centered, family environment.

In July 2006, Freedom House admitted its first residents and began the work of changing lives one family at a time. The primary goal was to provide a safe and loving environment for the residents to heal and restore their lives as they experienced the Lord’s redemptive power and to teach them how to maintain this healthy lifestyle and become strong mothers that could care well for their children.

For over a  decade, Freedom House has been a successful twelve month Residential Program where women overcome their addictions and reunite with their families. After completing the Residential Program, our mothers return to mainstream society as productive citizens, free from the addictions that once threatened their lives, and are able to provide an environment where their children can flourish.

In addition to our Residential Program, our graduates have the opportunity to enter the Freedom House Aftercare Program where they may live rent free in a Freedom House home for up to one year and remain connected to the support needed to maintain their recovery. Freedom House is now a large community where residents and graduates work together to encourage and support one another to live out a healthy lifestyle instead of living in the pain of addiction.